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January 16, 2018
Top 10 Causes of Roof Leaks In The Bay Area

Roof leaks, the two most terrifying words you can hear as a homeowner. Believe it or not, water is the worst enemy of any roof. Once water is inside, the damage is done. After that, it gets tough to identify the starting point where the problem began.

What can you do as a homeowner? Stay cautious and ready to take action. Even pretty small leaks can damage insulation, accumulate mold, ruin interior ceilings and walls and rot the wooden framing. So, this is serious.

Let’s take a look at the ten common culprits for roof leaks so you’ll be prepared when they happen:


Look Out For These Causes of Roof Leaks


Temperature changes cause roofs to expand and contract, which produce roof cracks. Some roofing materials such as asphalt shingles will suffer the passing of time. Years of exposure to the sun’s rays can melt the tar that binds shingles together. No roofing material can escape the effects of time.


Brick chimneys

They might seem indestructible. However, the exposure of mortar (a mixture of water, sand, and cement) to weather elements can cause it to erode and crumble over time.



Compromised flashing is one of the most common problems that cause roof leaks. These thin metal strips are installed at danger points to prevent water intrusion. They need to be properly sealed and nailed, or you will get a leaky roof. Also, watch out for rust and cracks.


Missing shingles

Missing shingles seem like a minor problem but can cause serious trouble to the structure of your roof. A missing tile, as well as split or loose tiles, are the perfect access way for water to start sneaking into your house. It’s vital that you periodically check the roofing tiles. Variations in the color of the tiles or the internal part of the roof can be a clear sign of where the next leak will appear.


Vent Boot

Vent boots work similarly as the flashing. They waterproof the junction between the roof and pipes. Vent boots can be rubber, plastic or metal. Over time, gasket stops working on the old boot, and they need to be pulled off before causing leaks.



These tiny holes are the result of misplaced roofing nails. Squirrels and raccoons, as well as storms, cause holes in the roof as well. Don’t underestimate roof holes. They can be sneaky and be unattended for years until a roof inspection brings them to light.


Complex Roof Architecture

Complex roof designs are a delight for architects to demonstrate their creativity. BUT, if these dynamic rooflines aren’t adequately sealed, your roof structure can become a disaster.  For example, in areas with snowfall, these type of roofs may not help the snow slide off your house’s top. Snow accumulation will eventually become an ice dam putting unwelcome weight stress on the roof. Besides, it will keep corrosive water in contact with the roof surface for long periods of time, which will cause seepage under the shingles.


Clogged gutters

Gutters full of waste are the perfect obstacle for water to travel from your roof and foundation, causing impeded water. Simple! Clogged gutters = roof problems. There’s not much to say.



Everybody love skylights! And how could you not, if they embellish any interior space. Unfortunately, skylights generate leaks when they are poorly fitted or when the rubber seal around the glass starts drying or wearing out.



If a roofing nail misses the rafters and starts protruding into the attic, it will become a roofing problem. Exposure to heat and constant cold often generates this type of roof damage. Shiners in your roof indicate that your attic space is not insulated nor ventilated correctly. To extend your roofs longevity, you must correct any attic insulation and ventilation issues. That will help improve your home’s overall comfort and energy efficiency.



Don’t underestimate leaks! Some leaks might be small, but they will cause damage if you ignore them. Stay one step ahead of roofing leaks. Ask for a FREE ROOF INSPECTION and take care of your family and home by protecting your roof. At Bay 101 Roofing we’ll be pleased to help you. Contact us!


Source: https://www.roofingcalc.com/10-common-causes-of-roof-leaks-and-simple-repairs/
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