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Expert Gutters Installation Services

Channel rainwater effectively with our premium gutter solutions.

Our Service

Bay 101 roofing, Inc., besides the roofing contractor’s license, also, holds a separate specialty license for gutters and we proudly are a sheet metal contractor. Bay 101 Roofing, Inc., and our installers have been installing gutters for over 20 years.

We offer an extensive line of materials and colors to match the color of your house, or, choose your own color. We do gutter cleaning services, also, downspouts, end caps, outlets, castings, and we are top notch gutter guards installers.


Prevent Further Damage

Proper gutters protect your home’s foundation and landscape.

Enhance Aesthetics

Choose from a variety of styles to complement your home.

Increase Lifespan

Quality gutters reduce the need for frequent replacements.

Optimal Flow

Ensure rainwater is channeled effectively.

A highly advanced gutter protection system offering several amazing functions. This gutter guard will filter out all debris from your gutter eliminating gutter cleaning forever.

Key Benefits

Aluminum Channel Frame

Our extruded aluminum support frame is anodized to further protect it from the environment and to make it more adaptable to be installed on a copper gutter.
The anodizing process converts the aluminum surface into an extremely durable, corrosion resistant, and long-lasting finish.

Anodized aluminum is used around the world as highly durable exteriors in commercial buildings such as one of the world’s tallest buildings, the Sears Tower in Chicago, Illinois.
Other revolutionized uses are in scientific instruments, home appliances, satellites in space for harsh environmental protection, staircases in skyscrapers and a host of other uses.

Stainless Steel Mesh

The super-strong type 316 stainless steel mesh allows more than 150 inches of hourly rainfall to filter through to your gutter. Type 316 is molybdenum-bearing austenitic stainless steel which is more resistant to general corrosion and pitting / crevice corrosion than the conventional chromium nickel austenitic lower quality stainless steels such at types 302 and 304 or any other standard stainless steel alloys.

The 316 alloy offers higher creep, stress-to-rupture and tensile strength at elevated temperatures. It also resists attack of marine and corrosive industrial atmospheres which makes it an ideal component for Gutter Glove. Type 316 stainless steel alloy is widely used in the food, marine and medical industries.

Get the Industry Leading Gutterglove Pro®
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We believe in quality without compromise.

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What Our Peopel’s Say About Company

”As a property manager who manage 30+ properties in South Bay, I finally found the trust-worthy roofing company that I want to partner with. I won’t be hesitated to recommend Bay 101 Roofing to any of my friends and clients!”

Yue M
Residential Client

I see remarkable attention to detail and good problem-solving. We would use Bay 101 Roofing again in a heartbeat, except we think the roof will outlast us! Many thanks, Jose, Lorena, Juan, Jose, and Adan!

Robert G
Residential Client

”Bay 101 Roofing and did a great job replacing our roof. This company is easy to work with, responsive, competitively priced, knowledgeable and they made the whole process very easy. Highly recommend.”

Leonie H
Residential Client


With proper maintenance, gutters can last 20-30 years.

We offer aluminum, copper, and more.

Signs include rust, cracks, and pooling water.

Yes, seamless gutters offer better protection and aesthetics.

Most installations are completed within a day.

Regular cleaning and inspections will keep them in top shape.

Costs vary based on material and home size. Contact us for an estimate.

Quality gutters can enhance curb appeal and home value.

Yes, we offer a range of colors to match your home.

Upgrade your home's water management.