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When making repairs to your roof, it’s common to hear terms that are way over your head. Whether you have to fix that annoying leak, change shingles or repair parts of the roof to install a new one; we’re exposed to different words and terms related to roofing. Types of roofs, roofing supplies, repair techniques, tools, are some of them. This situation becomes even more complicated when it’s time to contact a roofing expert in the Bay Area, and he speaks in jargon. Then you’re completely lost and intimidated.

Have no fear, terms like gabled roofs or hips-and-valleys won’t blindside you anymore. Bay 101 created this roofing guide to familiarize you with roofing terminology.

Are you familiar with roof shapes?


Every roof is different. More than a theme of aesthetics, the shape of the roofs has to do with its functionality. These are the most common roof shapes:



When you are in the design stage of your house, choose the type of roof that best suits your needs and the characteristics of your home. In our last post, “Pitched roof or flat roof? What type of roof should I choose?” We give you more information about roof shapes and how they affect the rest of your home.


Roofers replacing shingles

Our Roofing Supply Shopping List.

You already spoke with your roofing contractor, and they gave you a budget. Whether they include the roofing supplies in the quote or you prefer to buy them on your own, it’s important to know the roofing supplies most used for a new roof, their benefits and costs. Take a look at the most common roofing supplies and decide which are the best options for your roof, considering the pros and cons.



REMEMBER! While preparing for a new roof installation…



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