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November 9, 2017
Roof Replacement Basics: What You Need to Know About Roofing

Roof replacement is always first on the list of residential repairs. No matter what project you undertake, whether you paint the walls or install a new drywall; if your roof isn’t in optimal conditions, you could put at risk any home remodeling project.

Are you thinking of hiring a professional to repair your roof? Take a moment to learn a bit about some roofing basics before you call your trusted roofing contractor company.


Know the five basic types of materials

Be cautious when deciding which roofing materials to use. It’s vital that functionality predominates over personal taste. Consider elements such as location or roof inclination when choosing roofing shingles. For example, wood shingles are aesthetic, but they aren’t the best choice for low-pitched roofs.

  1. Asphalt shingles: They’re the less attractive roofing option, but are cheap and easy to find.
  2. Wood shingles: Are pricey but the aesthetic they provide to your home might be worth it.
  3. Metal roofing: This is the less popular roofing material due to the difficulty of its installation process.
  4. Slate roofing: They are beautiful but could be dangerous when installing because they are slippery.
  5. Rubber slate: They are rising in popularity because they are recyclable.


Decide whether you need a roof replacement or a new roof

These are some points you must consider before making any decision:


Weight issues: A disadvantage of adding additional layers of asphalt shingles is the weight they represent for the underlying roof framework, especially if you have an old roof structure.

Telegraphing: Another negative aspect of shingling over existing shingles is that you could be rebuilding above roof irregularities. Installing new shingles to cover bubbles, bumps or waves will not solve the problem. Remember that the functionality and roof lifetime are worth more than aesthetic aspects.

Less work, less waste: Placing new shingles on the existing layer will be much simpler than removing the current layer entirely and build a new one from scratch. Consider this if you decide to do the roofing work as a DIY Project.


Save money and materials

Several elements affect the cost of roof replacement. These include the roofing materials to choose, the roofing company, and the pitch of your roof or the area you need to cover. Some roof repairs can cost as low as $ 7,000. But don’t worry! Roofing contractors usually offer different packages and payment methods to suit your needs.


Determine the best season for roofing

If roofing contractors had to wait for the ideal weather conditions, they would be out of business. They work hard under unfavorable and even dangerous conditions to protect your home.

Sometimes the best option for the roofer and the homeowner is extending work seasons. For example, before the roofer installs the covering layers, the fixed areas need to be perfectly dry, so it isn’t very convenient to do this work during rainy seasons.


Understand the basics of a roofing installation


  • Roofers speak in terms of squares (100 square feet) as a way to better manage the quantities of materials, which are usually quite large.
  • Shingles come in bundles. A square usually needs around three or four bundles of shingles.
  • The time it takes to install a roof by a professional roofing team ranges from three to four days.


Are you ready to contact a roofing contractor company? At Bay 101 Roofing we are ready to start protecting your home. Call us now!


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