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Tile roofs last the life of a roofing structure. Typically, a roof needs to be rebuilt from scratch after a 75-year period. If you have clay or concrete tiles roof or you are thinking of building a new one, remember this type of roof needs a regular roof maintenance. Factors such as excessive foot traffic or strong impact inflicted upon the tiles can result in severe roof damage that you will need to repair later. Before it’s time to replace roof tiles, you need to know the following:


Roof tile colors

Tile color varies depending on the materials and natural components they’re made of. Many factors can affect  matching of colors, the most common are:

Roof aesthetics is representative, but it should not become the most relevant element. The correct functionality of your roof must stand out above any other feature.

In addition to verifying that your roof tiles may have started to discolor or change hue, check that they aren’t broken or loose.


Better safe than sorry

Combining different-size slabs in the same roof line can cause breakage in the roof tiles. That happens when roof tiles don’t fit properly. The result? You will have to make new replacements later. At Bay 101, we are sure that you don’t want to do twice as much work.

When getting your home’s new roof tiles, buy some extra ones. So, if you need to replace a damaged tile in the future, you can do it with a new one that has the same size and shape as the existing clay tiles. Consider this when choosing your next roof tiles.


Before you replace roof tiles

You just received your replacement tiles and contacted your trusted roofing agency. What’s next?

CHECK THE WEATHER! Look out the window, check the weather channel, download a weather app. Do whatever it takes to make sure that the weather conditions are optimal when you start the roof tiles replacement.



Be sure to remove only the number of tiles that can be replaced or repaired in a day. Logically it’s not very convenient to take off the broken slabs in the rainy season. You don’t want to spend the night placing buckets on the floor where there are leaks in case it rains.



Quality is better than quantity. Don’t put the integrity of your roof and the safety of your family at risk by saving a few bucks. Hire only certified roofing contractors to replace roof tiles.

Keep your roof in tiptop shape by performing a roof inspection at least once a year. Doing this, you will identify present and future roof failures and act on time. The security of your home, your family, and your belongings are worth it.




When was the last time you performed a roof maintenance? Maybe it’s time to replace some roof tiles.

At Bay 101 Roofing WE INSPECT YOUR ROOF FOR FREE!. Don’t miss the chance to protect your home. Our professional roofing experts are willing to help you. Contact us!

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