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May 14, 2021
Get a New Roof Installation? Replace it? Patch it? Here’s How to Decide.

Have you ever thought that you might need a new roof installation? It’s time to get serious about our home’s primary protector: The roof.

There is always room for concern homeowners, especially during rainy season. Mark Graham, vice president of technical services at the National Roofing Contractors Association, says:

“It’s a busy time in the roofing business. It’s basically precipitation driven, and this year most contractors are pretty busy.”

A quick suggestion, before you continue reading this article. You should check out THIS IS WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW WHEN INSTALLING A NEW ROOF.

Get a new roof before it starts falling down. Bay 101 Roofing

Get a new roof installation before it starts falling down

If you’re thinking of replacing your roof even if it doesn’t have any visible damage yet, you’re ahead of the curve. Pick up the phone and call your trusted roofing agency so they can start the work before the damage worsens.

A small repair can turn into a big problem during the winter. Materials contract in cold weather, they start to crack and break. Asphalt becomes more brittle. And if you have an ice cap on top, with the freeze-and-thaw effect, the ice can make its way into the roof.


Extend the life of your roof! But first, check the weather forecast. Bay 101 Roofing

Extend the life of your roof, but first, check the weather forecast

Roofing contractors are fantastic. They can work into the winter if necessary. But, cold-weather opportunities to work are day by day, and the weather gets a little more tricky. That means roofers will limit your home repairs by tree falls, strong rains or any other natural events.

Moreover, some products don’t adhere on top of the roof as well in temperatures below 20 degrees.”

That’s why homeowners use to receive better prices in the late fall when it’s less complicated for roofers to work. Here’s what to think about if your roof needs repair.


PATCHING YOR ROOF UP. New Roof. Bay 101 Roofing


Did you find something damaged on your roof? Don’t worry; you can delay the roof replacement by having it repaired.

The work gets easier if you have a flat roof. In that case, it all can come down to a DIY job. Just look for a sheet of rubber membrane and some roofing cement. But if your roof is high or steep, we recommend you call a professional roofer.

However, many roofers refuse to do patches. It’s just a business philosophy and not a practical roofing matter. For most roofers, schlepping a ladder and getting up on your roof is not worth enough when they have a more significant job.

The field  (AKA vast expanse) of your roof rarely leaks out of nowhere. Most of the time, the problem starts around the flashing. In this case, make sure the job is done right. Ask the roofer to remove all the old roofing cement and replace the flashing section and damaged shingles. Ask the roofer to pay close attention and avoid applying excessive tar over the damaged area.




Before hiring a roofer for your new roof installation, always check the contractor’s credentials. As with any residential repair, especially roof repairs, most homeowners have no way of knowing whether the work was done right. Keep in mind that once the job is finished, the inspector won’t come to check if everything’s alright.

Contractors can hide things, make old flashing look new, reuse vents and pipe collars. There are a million ways to skimp on roofing because no one can see what we do up there. So always find a trusted contractor.

At Bay 101 Roofing, we recommend you to get some names by asking friends and neighbors and check online ranking sites. You can also stop by jobs in progress and check by yourself. Remember to ask about insurance as well as the liability coverage even before scheduling an estimate.

Your roof is vital for your home’s protection. So, since it is a considerable investment, you should do a little research before you sign anything.

Some useful recommendations for you to keep in mind before calling your roofer contractor are:

  • Make sure the roof agency has a license.
  • Don’t just call the references, go to their houses and inspect the job on your own.
  • Contact the roofer’s suppliers. They know how long your roofing company has been around.
  • Ask for the kind of warranty they offer (most roofing materials are warrantied for 20 years or so).


GETTING A NEW ROOF. Bay 101 Roofing


Congrats! You’ve gotten your estimates and found your ideal contractor. You’re halfway into getting a new roof installation. But don’t think you can already sit back and relax. That is just the first part. In our next post, you’ll discover the costs of getting a new roof and all the roofing supplies you’ll need.

Visit our site and take a look at what Bay 101 Roofing has been doing in the Bay area for over 35 years.

Have any questions? Contact us!


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