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To clean your gutters is a dirty task, but someone has to do it. Gutters need to be kept clean, that’s it! So, it’s essential to keep them free of any debris.

Dry leaves, bird’s nests, tree branches and other materials will accumulate on your roof, and their favorite place is your gutters. The funny thing (not so funny when you have to clean) is that you won’t notice the issue until your gutters start overflowing during the first significant rain of the season. Or even worse, you won’t notice at all.

But don’t worry. Bay 101 Roofing’s mission it to help your roof when it needs attention, so today we’ll answer some routine questions that many Bay Area homeowners have about gutters. What will happen if you don’t clean your gutters? Is it indispensable to clean them? How often should you do it? And most importantly, how can you clean them?

Keep reading, and you’ll find out.


What can happen if you don’t clean your gutters?

Unclean gutters can lead to a wide variety of complex and costly problems. Let’s take a look at some of them:


Mold & Leaky Gutters

If you don’t like to clean your gutters, you’ll probably have to deal with clogged gutters and downspouts leading to standing water collecting and overflowing. Besides, as dead leaves and other debris decompose, it’s just a matter of time for the water in your gutters to become filthy. Then mold will start growing. Huge problem!

Leaking Roofs & Basements

The best you can do for your home is protecting the roof from nature’s elements. Remember that replacing your roof is a major task, even if you decide to replace your roof entirely and get a new roof. Avoiding cleaning your gutters will result in water soaking through the roofing shingles, which causes significant damage. The same goes for your roof’s basement and foundation.

Cracked Foundations

Cracked foundations are a major headache for homeowners because repairs are so costly. But just a bit of care is all you need. The most straightforward solution to this roof damage ordeal is extending the downspouts away from your home. That way you’ll protect your foundation from cracks. Water accumulation and expanding ice during the winter are the main factors causing foundation cracks.

Bugs & Other Critters

Do you know who enjoys roaming around your gutters? Birds, squirrels, birds, cats, mice, and insects. They LOVE staying, sleeping and even living right there. Decomposed leaves and warm moist are a vast food source for many pests, and once they settle into your gutters, they become a terrible hazard to your home.

Driveway & Yard Damage

As it happens with lawn and plants, too much water is as bad as not enough. Gutters that don’t drain water correctly can make the water to pool up and hurt your plants. Water accumulation causes slick mold to grow on your driveway. It can also cause freeze into slippery ice during the winter. Both roofing problems can lead to falls and potentially serious injuries, especially to your kids, older adults and pets.


How can you spot damage from clogged gutters?

The best way is detecting the damage before it starts causing trouble.

Getting a roof inspection is a significant step to start. The best part is that if you don’t feel comfortable enough to get up on a ladder and inspect the roof by yourself, you can call a trusted roofing agency to do it for you.

But let’s start  from the beginning, here are a few warning signs you can look for to detect roof damage:



Need help with your gutters?

Cleaning your gutters is essential. While it may be a job you can do by yourself, you’ll be at ease knowing that an experienced roofing professional is doing the job and keeping your home, family, and belongings safe.

At Bay 101 Roofing, we’ve been cleaning roofs and gutters throughout the Bay Area for over 35 years.

We’ll be happy to come out and inspect your gutters. Better safe than sorry! Contact us now and ask for YOUR FREE ROOF INSPECTION.

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