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We all know that the roof is at the top of the list when we talk about the essential areas of the house. The roofing structure of your home gives you security while protecting your family and all your belongings. However, just like any other area in the house, the roof will grow old. So, eventually, you will need to look for a roofing repair or even a roof replacement.

Roof renovation isn’t something homeowners look forward to. Replacement is usually expensive and takes a long time. Responsible homeowners always want to make sure the roof lasts as much as it can with minimal damage and issues. That’s why our Bay 101 roofing experts team provides you with these five roofing maintenance tips that must not be ignored:

5 Easy Tips for Roofing Maintenance you Need to Know

1. Perform regular inspections

Don’t wait until you notice the first leaks or the roof starts making funny noises. Spend just a few minutes at least every six months to take a look at the ceiling. Pay attention to any sign of wear or tear. Doing this regularly will help you prevent and detect significant damage to the roof.


2. Check the roofing shingles

These shingles are a crucial element to consider if you want your roof to last longer. Roofing shingles keep your home dry and protected. Severe weather conditions like strong winds or thunderstorms will affect them considerably. A single broken or lost tile may not be that visible, but when left unattended, it will lead to more damage to your roofing structure.


3. Deal with growing fungus

When you notice that moss or algae are growing on your roof, it’s time to call your trusted roofing contractors in San Jose. And you better do it ASAP! Once you’ve gotten rid of the existing mold, you can install zinc or lead control strips to keep it from coming back.


4. Examine for rust

All metal roof areas are susceptible to rust. If you notice rust, don’t hesitate to clean it, even if they’re just tiny spots. To get rid of rust, try wire brushing the area. Then prime and paint the metal to make it look as good as new.


5. Look for leaks

There’s no need to go up to the roof to search for leaks. All you need to do is check the inner ceiling. Look for discolorations or some darker areas. These are usually caused by heavy rain or moisture. When that happens, it’s time to request a professional inspection.



Roof maintenance is one of those issues that homeowners should never delay.

Contact professional roofing contractors in San Jose and ask for a preventive maintenance program. An expert roofer will help you detect any issues before they become expensive repairs.

Are you thinking of getting a roofing maintenance plan? Ask for our Free Roof Inspection! Bay 101, the most trusted roofing contractors in San Jose are ready to help you. CONTACT US NOW!


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