10 Easy Tips to Choosing Roofing Contractors in San Jose

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Roofs are the first line of protection in any home. Without them, your belongings and loved ones are exposed and vulnerable. That’s why as a responsible homeowner you have to think about ways to keep the roof safe. If you live in California and you’re looking for trusted roofing contractors in San Jose, this article is the right one for you.

Your roofing structure needs regular inspections as well as the necessary repairs to keep it functional 24/7. We know it’s a hassle just to start thinking about the money you’ll spend and which roofing contractor you should trust. But today’s your lucky day! At Bay 101 Roofing, we give you these easy 10 tips to help you choose the best roofing contractors in San Jose. Check them out:

 Tips for finding Roofing Contractors in San Jose and the Bay Area


  1. Get local referrals:

Hiring roofing contractors from your community will help avoid future issues. Besides, they work local regulations, as well as with suppliers in the same area where you live.


  1. Search for manufacturer designations:

To be factory-certified, roofing contractors must pass the manufacturer designations.  No matter if some roofing makers have more tight requirements than others. Consider this condition once you start calling roofing agencies.


  1. Analyze the BBB (Better Business Bureau) ratings:

Try not to trust in those contractors that start knocking at your door when a storm hits. They’re just searching for work. Before you hire a roofing agency, look for them on BBB.org and make sure they have a valid score.


  1. Get a good warranty:

Not all roofing contractors provide manufacturer warranties ensuring coverage for the contractor’s acquisition. Look for a trusted roofing agency that offers a good warranty for the work done on your home’s roof.

If the contractor installs the roof the wrong way, it could take months or even years before you notice. The worst part? Insurance won’t pay for that. Could something even worse happen? Yes! If the roofer doesn’t fix the mistake, there won’t be another option other than repairing it yourself or hiring a new roofing agency and spend way more money.


  1. Safety comes first… Always:

A roofing contractor who isn’t trained or doesn’t have a safety program isn’t the smartest option for the job. What more can we say about this? Pay attention to safety; your roof is worth it.


  1. Check for proper licensing and insurance:

Roofing contractors should have insurance for all their employees and subcontractors as well. Before you hire a new roofing agency, ask for a copy of their insurance certificate. Don’t forget to confirm their status online.

Imagine how bad if a roofing employee gets an injury while working in your house. That would lead to possible liabilities that could impact you.

Even when most states require licensing for contractors, there are still some unconscious unlicensed contractors offering their services.


  1. Pay the deductible:

The insurance deductible is an insured’s responsibility. All the roofing contractors should present the insurance deductible in the quote without expanding the estimate to cover it.

Avoid any contractor who makes sure that they can take care of your roof’s repairs without asking you to pay their insurance deductible. If a roofing contractor does that, he‘s committing insurance fraud.


  1. Handle your own claim:

Don’t trust roofing contractors that say they can “handle your insurance claim” or they are “claim specialists.” If they do so, they’re breaking the law. It is illegal in most states that contractors act on behalf of the homeowners they’re working for during an insurance claim negotiation.


  1. Don’t give in to pressure:

Avoid roofing contractors that press you. Don’t sign any contract before the insurance company estimates the roof damage. Besides, ask for a professional contractor to examine your home in case the insurance adjuster has missed any detail.


  1. Know the materials:

The color and type of the roofing shingles you install affect the resale value of your home. A roofing contractor that looks for your best interest is the one who offers you a variety of shingle options as well as other roofing materials.

Is the insurance company paying for your new roof? That could be the best opportunity to create an amendment and upgrade to a distinctive fashion that renovates your home’s style.



You might be confused about which roofing contractor you’re going to contact but don’t stress. At Bay 101 Roofing, we’re ready to help you.

Roofing is a sensitive issue that requires a lot of attention and a professional team of expert roofers to perform the task. Your roof won’t repair on its own; will it?

Please don’t call roofing contractors that you don’t completely trust. When it comes to fixing your home’s roof, our professional team of roofing contractors in San Jose is your better choice. Contact us!


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Roofing Complete at a house

You are in the design phase of what will be your next home, and you come to the subject of the roof. What should I choose? A pitched roof or a flat roof? This is a critical decision that will influence the image, comfort, and functionality of your home. Surely, you have some reference to what you would like for the roof of your home, but it does not depend only on desire, there are many factors in the process.


Answering that question generates a dilemma and becomes a decision to make with a lot of care, considering that whichever option you choose has advantages and disadvantages. But, DON’T WORRY! We will share a couple of factors that you must take into account to make the right decision when designing the roof of your beloved home:

Weather conditions

Weather conditions are essential factors that shape your decision when choosing the type of roof. If you live in an area with frequent rain, it is best to opt for a pitched roof. The reason is simple, because of the steep incline of the roof, the water will have better mobility and will not remain stagnant. This doesn’t mean that flat roofs cannot be built for this type of location, but you should take greater care to avoid leaks that will result from inadequate water evacuation.
It is important to clarify that flat roofs are not strictly horizontal. Their name depends on the little inclination they have (the average slope of this type of roof is between .4 and 1.2 inches per foot of horizontal construction).

For their part, tile roofs, from the pitched roof category, have slopes ranging from 1 foot to 3.2 feet of horizontal development.

There is no doubt when building a house in areas that get constant heavy rain or even snow; pitched roofs are the best option.


Surrounding vegetation

Locations with dense foliage pose a threat if roofs are not built right and don’t receive constant maintenance. The accumulation of leaves often obstructs the canals and vents. In this case, we recommend to use flat roofs with free drainage, that is, those that do not have gutters.

This way, the leaves, and branches will not stay on the roof, and they will not cause damages.

And what about terraces?

If you enjoy a Sunday barbecue on the terrace, the best option when thinking about a terrace will be to choose a flat roof.

Everyone has their preferences, and regarding roofs, whatever kind of roof you want, will have some advantages. The important thing is that you can design the roof that best suits the needs of your home, taking into account the useful life of the roof, its functionality, and protection of your home.

Whether flat or pitched, bearing in mind factors such as climate and vegetation can aid in reaching the best decision. You could even combine both roofing options.

Remember that in construction, it is important to get advice and assistance of a professional roofer. Certified roofers will evaluate your house’s need and make recommendations that best fit what you want for your home.


Our Bay 101 Roofing professional team is always ready to help you. CONTACT US NOW!