How Much Does a New Roof Cost? Part I

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Have you ever asked yourself what’s one of the most significant expenses a homeowner can have? “A roof replacement.” But, how much does a new roof cost? That depends on many factors such as the style of the roof, the materials used or the size of the house. Maybe you need to replace your roof […]

What You Need to Know When Installing a New Roof

Building Modern House Construction with metal roof, rain gutter

Some homeowners may think they don’t need to worry about installing a new roof until the old one starts leaking. Wrong! Those who wait that long then have to deal with higher fixing costs. Why? Because by the time you notice the leaks, the structural damage will have already occurred. Want to know if it’s […]

4 Roof Replacement Factors You Must Know

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When to start thinking of a roof replacement may not be entirely clear unless you find yourself in a situation like the one in the photograph in this post. Terrible right? But, over the years, how do you know that it’s time to start the process of replacing your roof? Roof warranties can vary between […]

Roof Replacement Basics: What You Need to Know About Roofing


Roof replacement is always first on the list of residential repairs. No matter what project you undertake, whether you paint the walls or install a new drywall; if your roof isn’t in optimal conditions, you could put at risk any home remodeling project.

Roof Shingle Types – The Complete Guide

roof shingle types

Are you thinking about getting a new roof? Are you planning a roof replacement? Whatever the reason, you better know about all the roof shingle types out there. You don’t need to be a roofing expert to start the construction process. But, knowing a little more about all the different roof shingle types will help […]

7 Signs you Need a New Roof

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Roofing maintenance is essential because if not done properly the roof can quite literally fall on top of your head. At Bay 101 Roofing we have curated a list that will help you identify when you need to replace your roof