If your roof is damaged or leaking, you may need professional roofing repair. At Bay 101 Roofing, we offer full-service residential repairs. We’ll send a roofing specialist out to your property to assess the damage, offer pricing information, and schedule the work. Often, a simple leak or damage from debris won’t require a full roof replacement. Professional repairs can extend the life expectancy of your roof and save you money.


Roofing issues can happen on any roof. When your roof starts causing noticeable problems, you need a trustworthy repair team on your side to provide honest feedback and help you make informed repair decisions. Bay 101 Roofing works with a variety of roofing materials. We know what to look for in tile, wood, and traditional shingled roofs. Whether the flashing near your fireplace chimney has pulled away from the roof or a branch pierced each layer of material, we can help.

Our team works in Santa Clara and San Mateo, and surrounding areas. We understand the latest techniques in roofing repair and can generally complete repairs in a short turnaround period. The next time you see something awry with your roof, think Bay 101 Roofing.


When we send a licensed roofer out to your property to assess the damage, we’ll provide clear communication on what we see and what we can do about it. In some cases, you may have a few different options. We’ll make our top recommendations based on the age of your roof, the amount of damage, and the type of roof on your home. We will strive to exceed your expectations at every step.

Repair orders often arise unexpectedly. When life throws your house a curve ball, respond quickly and fully with help from Bay 101 Roofing. We’ll work fast, so you can get back to your life and enjoy peace of mind regarding the safety and stability of your roof. For more information on our residential repair services, reach out to our team today at (408) 957-0531.

Request a free roof inspection and estimate

Bay 101 Roofing Inc will perform a free inspection of your roof, answer your questions and provide a personalized estimate for your home’s roof repairs or replacement that provides the maximum return on your investment.