Roof Replacement 101: Types of Sustainable Roofs and Sustainable Roofing Materials

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Your roof is your home’s protector. Sustainable roofing materials are the key to have a fresh and ventilated house. That is why choosing your roofing supplies should be a priority when re-roofing your home. Starting a roof replacement or building a new roof from scratch might be expensive but your home’s safety depends on it. And if you are like most Bay Area responsible homeowners, you want to help the planet out. That is why we’ve listed the types of sustainable roofs, so you can educate yourself and choose from. Continue reading

Learn How To Replace Roof Tiles

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Tile roofs last the life of a roofing structure. Typically, a roof needs to be rebuilt from scratch after a 75-year period. If you have clay or concrete tiles roof or you are thinking of building a new one, remember this type of roof needs a regular roof maintenance. Factors such as excessive foot traffic or strong impact inflicted upon the tiles can result in severe roof damage that you will need to repair later.Continue reading